GRE Word List


bar; forbid; exclude; Ex. debarred from jury services

The meaning of the word debar is bar; forbid; exclude; Ex. debarred from jury services.

Random words

diversionact of turning aside; pastime; V. divert: turn aside from a course; distract; amuse
similecomparison of one thing with another, using the word like or as
interimmeantime; Ex. in the interim; ADJ. taking place during an interim; Ex. interim paper
scofflaugh (at); mock; ridicule; Ex. scoff at their threats
gloss_overexplain away with the intention of deceiving or hiding faults
freneticfrenzied; frantic
lacerationtorn ragged wound; V. lacerate: tear (the skin as with broken glass); wound
pessimismbelief that life is basically bad or evil; gloominess; tendency to take the gloomiest possible view of a situation; ADJ. pessimistic
fecundityfertility; fruitfulness; ADJ. fecund: very productive of crops or young
apoliticalhaving an aversion or lack of concern for political affairs