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GRE Word List


tendency to disbelief

The meaning of the word incredulity is tendency to disbelief.

Random words

daisraised platform for speakers or other important people
swervedeviate; turn aside sharply from a straight course; Ex. swerve from the principle; Ex. The car swerved to the right.
sadisticinclined to cruelty; N. sadism: delight in cruelty
tawdrycheap and gaudy; Ex. tawdry jewelry
disbursepay out (as from a fund); N. disbursement; CF. purse
preludeintroduction; introductory performance or event; forerunner
attentivealert and watchful; listening carefully; paying attention; considerate; thoughtful; politely helpful; Ex. attentive audience; Ex. He was attentive to the old lady; N. attentions: act of courtesy and consideration
drudgeryhard unpleasant work; menial work
runicmysterious; set down in an ancient alphabet; N. rune: one of the letters of an alphabet used by ancient Germanic peoples (cut on stone or wood); magic charm