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GRE Word List


tendency to disbelief

The meaning of the word incredulity is tendency to disbelief.

Random words

friskmove about playfully; froric; ADJ. frisky: playful
noisomefoul smelling; very unpleasant; unwholesome
ribaldmarked by vulgar lewd humor; wanton; profane; N. ribaldry: ribald language or joke
jabpoke abruptly with something sharp; punch with short blows
reconditeabstruse; not easily understood; profound; secret
infinitesimalvery small
gangrenedecay of body tissue caused by insufficient blood supply (usually following injury); ADJ. gangrenous
bulksize or volume (esp. when very large); main part; Ex. The bulk of the work has already been done; ADJ. bulky: having great size
chroniclong established as a disease
endorseapprove; support; write one's signature on the back of; N. endorsement; CF. dorsal