GRE Word List



The meaning of the word apiculture is bee-keeping.

Random words

temperatemoderate; restrained; self-controlled; moderate in respect to temperature; CF. temperance: moderation and self-restraint; abstinence of alcoholic drinks; Ex. temperance society
imperviousimpenetrable; incapable of being damaged or distressed; incapable of being affected (in one's opinions); Ex. impervious to water/criticism
seditionconduct or language inciting rebellion; rebellion; resistance to authority; insubordination; ADJ. seditious
disconsolatehopelessly sad (at the loss of something)
deduciblederived by reasoning; V. deduce: infer; derive by reasoning
rileirritate; vex; muddy
revulsionsudden strong feeling of disgust; sudden violent change of feeling; negative reaction; Ex. revulsion from the scenes of torture
forwardpresumptuous or bold
declivitydownward slope
deadlockstandstill resulting from the opposition of two unrelenting forces; stalemate