GRE Word List


the state of being suspended : suspension

The meaning of the word suspense is the state of being suspended : suspension.

Random words

incinerateto cause to burn to ashes
mercantileof or relating to merchants or trading
repulseto drive or beat back : repel
invidiousof an unpleasant or objectionable nature : obnoxious
dieto pass from physical life : expire
pacifistan adherent to pacifism : someone who opposes war or violence as a means of settling disputes
hieroglyphicwritten in, constituting, or belonging to a system of writing mainly in pictorial characters
vanguardthe forefront of an action or movement
subpoenaa writ commanding a person designated in it to appear in court under a penalty for failure
psychiatrista medical doctor who diagnoses and treats mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders : a specialist in psychiatry