GRE Word List


plant disease; V: infect with blight; ruin; destroy

The meaning of the word blight is plant disease; V: infect with blight; ruin; destroy.

Random words

amplifyincrease in size or effect; expand; broaden or clarify by expanding; intensify; make stronger; Ex. amplify one's remarks with a graph
oathsolemn promise; blasphemous use of sacred words to express strong feelings; swear-word; Ex. ``For Christ's sake''
redoubtableformidable; causing fear
recurrentoccurring again and again
susceptibleimpressionable; easily influenced; sensitive; having little resistance as to a disease; likely to suffer; receptive to; capable of accepting; Ex. susceptible to persuasion/colds; Ex. The agreement is not susceptible of alteration; N. susceptibility
dubiousquestionable; (of something) causing doubt; (of someone) filled with doubt; N. dubiety
ecologistperson concerned with the interrelationship between living organisms and their environment; person concerned with the detrimental effects of human civilization on the environment; CF. ecology
environenclose; surround; N. environs: surrounding area (as of a city)
responsivenessstate of reacting readily to appeals, orders, etc.; ADJ. responsive: readily reacting; Ex. responsive to treatment
conduitaqueduct; passageway for fluids