GRE Word List


characterized by harsh, insistent, and discordant sound

The meaning of the word strident is characterized by harsh, insistent, and discordant sound.

Random words

immobilitynot moving : motionless
censoriousmarked by or given to censure (see censure
defectan imperfection or abnormality that impairs quality, function, or utility : shortcoming
mirewet spongy earth (as of a bog or marsh)
falsifyto prove or declare false : disprove
derivationthe formation of a word from another word or base (as by the addition of a usually noninflectional affix)
nostruma medicine of secret composition recommended by its preparer but usually without scientific proof of its effectiveness
rusticof, relating to, or suitable for the country : rural
improprietyan improper or indecorous act or remark