GRE Word List


able to produce a desired effect; valid

The meaning of the word effectual is able to produce a desired effect; valid.

Random words

fomentstir up; incite; instigate; promote the growth of (something evil or unpleasant)
recourseresorting to help when in trouble; Ex. without recourse to
balkstop short, as if faced with an obstacle, and refuse to continue; foil; stop or get in the way of; frustrate
parryward off a blow; deflect; Ex. He parried the unwelcome question very skillfully; N. CF. ธทดยดูดย ฐณณไภฬ พฦดิ
weltraised mark from a beating or whipping
annexattach; add to a large thing; take possession of; incorporate (territory) into a larger existing political unit (by force); N: building added to a large one
descrycatch sight of (something distant)
perniciousvery harmful; deadly; very destructive; Ex. pernicious effect/anemia
habitatnatural home of a plant or animal; CF. habitation
sledgelarge sled drawn by work animals