GRE Word List


a businessperson of exceptional wealth, power, and influence : magnate

The meaning of the word tycoon is a businessperson of exceptional wealth, power, and influence : magnate.

Random words

visionaryhaving or marked by foresight and imagination
amokan episode of sudden mass assault against people or objects usually by a single individual following a period of brooding that has traditionally been regarded as occurring especially in Malaysian culture but is now increasingly viewed as psychopathological behavior occurring worldwide in numerous countries and cultures
factotuma person having many diverse activities or responsibilities
opportunistone that is opportunistic or that practices opportunism
terminuseither end of a transportation line or travel route
congruencethe quality or state of agreeing, coinciding, or being congruent
remonstrateto present and urge reasons in opposition : expostulate
odysseya long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune
potablesuitable for drinking