GRE Word List


swirling current of water, air, etc.; V.

The meaning of the word eddy is swirling current of water, air, etc.; V..

Random words

scrapsleftover food
voraciousravenous; eating large quantities of food; exceedingly eager; insatiable; Ex. voracious animal/reader
dynamogenerator for producing electricity; energetic person
reputablerespectable; having a good reputation
recuperaterecover; return to health; regain; Ex. recuperate losses
squeamisheasily shocked or sickened by unpleasant things; fastidious; Ex. A nurse should not be squeamish.
steadfaststeadily loyal; unswerving; steady
sucklegive or take milk at the breast or udder
detainkeep waiting; prevent from leaving or going; N. detention