GRE Word List



The meaning of the word finite is limited.

Random words

irresoluteuncertain how to act; weak; lacking in resolution; indecisive; N. irresolution
perspicuous(of something) plainly expressed; easy to understand; Ex. perspicuous comments
minatorymenacing; threatening
airyof air; high in the air; lofty; immaterial; unreal
pretensionpretentiousness; claim (without foundation); Ex. I make no pretensions to skill as an artist.
consistencyabsence of contradictions; uniformity; degree of thickness or firmness; Ex. consistency of thick cream; CF. viscous
oafstupid awkward person; CF. elf
multifariousvaried; greatly diversified; Ex. multifarious activities
cowterrorize; intimidate
labilelikely to change; unstable; Ex. emotionally labile; N. lability