GRE Word List


nonsense; foolishness; V: talk nonsense

The meaning of the word drivel is nonsense; foolishness; V: talk nonsense.

Random words

punitivepunishing; Ex. punitive measures
impalpableimperceptible(not easily understood); intangible; OP. palpable: tangible; easily perceptible
prestigerespect or admiration; impression produced by achievements or reputation; ADJ: causing admiration; ADJ. prestigious: having prestige
umbrageresentment; anger; sense of injury or insult; Ex. take umbrage at his rudeness
dutiful(of people or their behavior) respectful; obedient (filled with a sense of duty)
cravedesire; want intensely
mitevery small object or insect-like creature; small coin
nuanceshade of slight difference in meaning or color; subtle distinction
rostrumraised platform for speech-making; pulpit
snufflesniffle; sniff repeatedly (in order to keep liquid from running out of the nose)