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GRE Word List


organization for a special purpose; V: establish

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word institute is organization for a special purpose; V: establish.

Random words

perennialsomething long-lasting; perennial plant; ADJ: lasting through the year or many years; lasting for a long time; enduring
incarnationact of assuming a human body and human nature; one who personifies something; personification; Ex. previous incarnation/reincarnation
repudiatedisown; disavow; deny
whorlring of leaves around stem; ring; circular arrangement; Ex. whorls on the fingers
truculenceaggressiveness; ferocity; ADJ. truculent: aggressive; pugnacious; fierce
validatemake valid; confirm; ratify
jurisdictionright and power to apply the law; authority
inclusivetending to include all; all-inclusive; Ex. inclusive charge
remunerative(of work) compensating; rewarding; profitable; well-paid; V. remunerate: reward; pay (someone) for work or trouble
besiegesurround with armed forces; harass (with requests); annoy continually