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GRE Word List


good fortune and financial success; physical well-being

The meaning of the word prosperity is good fortune and financial success; physical well-being.

Random words

nebuladiffuse mass of interstellar dust or gas; galaxy
inopportuneuntimely; inappropriate or ill-timed; poorly chosen
postulateself-evident truth; something assumed without proof; V: assume the truth of (as a basis of an argument)
fathomlesstoo deep to be measured or understood; unfathomable
penologystudy of prison management and criminal rehabilitation
psychicof psyche; mental; of or possessing extraordinary mental powers
remissiontemporary moderation (of disease symptoms); remitting of a debt or punishment; cancelation of a debt; pardon; Ex. The disease went into remission; Ex. Christians pray for the remission of sins.
integratemake whole; combine; make into one unit
circumscribelimit; confine; draw a line around
unmitigated(of something bad) not moderated; unrelieved or immoderate; without qualification; absolute; Ex. unmitigated disaster