GRE Word List


to impart or suggest in an artful or indirect way : imply

The meaning of the word insinuate is to impart or suggest in an artful or indirect way : imply.

Random words

concorda state of agreement : harmony
thermalof, relating to, or caused by heat
codifyto reduce to a code
benefitsomething that produces good or helpful results or effects or that promotes well-being : advantage
congruencethe quality or state of agreeing, coinciding, or being congruent
cornucopiaa curved, hollow goat's horn or similarly shaped receptacle (such as a horn-shaped basket) that is overflowing especially with fruit and vegetables (such as gourds, ears of corn, apples, and grapes) and that is used as a decorative motif emblematic of abundance
callusa thickening of or a hard thickened area on skin or bark
funerealof or relating to a funeral
capitulateto surrender often after negotiation of terms
universalincluding or covering all or a whole collectively or distributively without limit or exception