GRE Word List


to turn the mind or attention

The meaning of the word advert is to turn the mind or attention.

Random words

navigabledeep enough and wide enough to afford passage to ships
espionagethe practice of spying or using spies to obtain information about the plans and activities especially of a foreign government or a competing company
voodooa religion that is derived from African polytheism and ancestor worship and is practiced chiefly in Haiti
scapegoata goat upon whose head are symbolically placed the sins of the people after which he is sent into the wilderness in the biblical ceremony for Yom Kippur
shiftto exchange for or replace by another : change
rotethe use of memory usually with little intelligence
concedeto acknowledge grudgingly or hesitantly
ecosystemthe complex of a community of organisms and its environment functioning as an ecological unit
corpulenthaving a large bulky body : obese
swear-wordword considered offensive; Ex. ``bloody''