GRE Word List


clearly different from others of the same kind

The meaning of the word distinctive is clearly different from others of the same kind.

Random words

ostentatiousshowy; trying to attract attention; pretentious; N. ostentation: showy display
mitigateappease; moderate; make or become less in force or intensity
whitsmall amount; smallest speck; Ex. not a whit of
satesatisfy to the full; satisfy to excess; cloy
disquisitionformal systematic inquiry; explanation of the results of a formal inquiry; long formal speech or written report
masochistperson who enjoys his own pain; CF. masochism
rummageransack; thoroughly search
boisterousviolent; rough; noisy
scholarlyfull of learning; erudite; like a scholar; Ex. scholarly journal
searburn the surface of; char or burn; brand; parch; cause (a plant) to wither