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GRE Word List


detestable; extremely unpleasant

The meaning of the word abominable is detestable; extremely unpleasant.

Random words

obstinatestubborn; hard to control or treat; Ex. obstinate cough; N. obstinacy
aspireseek to attain (position or status); long for; Ex. aspire to become president; Ex. aspire to/after the leadership
palletsmall poor bed; Ex. straw pallet
cordonextended line of men or fortifications to prevent access or egress; ( ܵ ġ) ; V.
depreciatelessen in value; belittle; represent as of little value
seismicpertaining to earthquakes
flauntdisplay ostentatiously; Ex. ``Honey, if you've got it, flaunt it !''
artfulexhibiting art or skill; deceitful; cunning; CF. artifice
defunctdead; no longer in use or existence