GRE Word List


disagreement of opinions causing strife within a group

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Conflict meaning | Conflict in a Sentence | Most common words in English #shorts

The meaning of the word dissension is disagreement of opinions causing strife within a group.

Random words

vulgarof the common people; deficient in refinement; not refined; coarse; Ex. vulgar display of wealth; N. vulgarism: vulgarity; crudely indecent word; CF. vulgarian: vulgar person; boor; lout
condignadequate; (of punishment) severe and well deserved
nonsensespeech or writing with no meaning; foolish behavior or language; Ex. make (a) nonsense of: spoil; cause to fail
quackcharlatan; impostor
tickletouch (the body) lightly so as to cause laughter; please
avaricegreediness for wealth
conformityharmony; agreement with established rules or customs; similarity; Ex. behave in conformity with; V. conform: be similar; act in agreement; comply; Ex. conform to the rule; CF. conformance
latitudefreedom from narrow limitations
perspicuous(of something) plainly expressed; easy to understand; Ex. perspicuous comments