GRE Word List


of, relating to, or characteristic of a sect or sectarian

The meaning of the word sectarian is of, relating to, or characteristic of a sect or sectarian.

Random words

flauntto display or obtrude oneself to public notice
traumaticpsychologically or emotionally stressful in a way that can lead to serious mental and emotional problems
hailprecipitation in the form of small balls or lumps usually consisting of concentric layers of clear ice and compact snow
therapeuticof or relating to the treatment of disease or disorders by remedial agents or methods : curative
piecemealone piece at a time : gradually
knacka special ready capacity that is hard to analyze or teach
latitudeangular distance from some specified circle or plane of reference: such as
adherentone who adheres to something: such as
bicameralhaving, consisting of, or based on two legislative chambers (see chamber