GRE Word List


to depreciate (see depreciate

The meaning of the word disparage is to depreciate (see depreciate.

Random words

transposeto change the relative place or normal order of : alter the sequence of
leasha line for leading or restraining an animal
revoketo annul by recalling or taking back : rescind
pachydermany of various nonruminant mammals (such as an elephant, a rhinoceros, or a hippopotamus) of a former group (Pachydermata) that have hooves or nails resembling hooves and usually thick skin
nullifyto make null (see null
slavishof or characteristic of someone held in forced servitude
pedigreea register recording a line of ancestors
distinctionthe act of perceiving someone or something as being not the same and often treating as separate or different : the distinguishing of a difference
ordainto invest (see invest
ubiquitousexisting or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread