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GRE Word List


candid; blunt

The meaning of the word outspoken is candid; blunt.

Random words

culpritone guilty of a crime
mementotoken; reminder of the past; keepsake; Ex. memento of your visit
whinnyneigh like a horse; CF. neigh: make the sound which horses make
unfledgedimmature; not having the feathers necessary to fly; CF. fledgling
extraneousnot essential; irrelevant; superfluous; external; coming from the outside; Ex. extraneous details/noise/to the subject
codaconcluding section of a musical or literary composition
capsize(of a boat) turn over
bookishfond of books and reading
sacrilegiousdesecrating; profane; N. sacrilege: desecration, misuse, or theft of something sacred
snickerhalf-stifled(suppressed) laugh; V.