GRE Word List


candid; blunt

The meaning of the word outspoken is candid; blunt.

Random words

bereftdeprived of (something valuable); lacking
crypticmysterious; hidden; secret
lecternreading desk or stand for a public speaker
fortuitousaccidental; by chance; N. fortuity
outlookpoint of view; view from a particular place; expectation for the future; prospect; Ex. outlook on life; Ex. pleasing outlook; Ex. weather outlook
skimpprovide or use scantily; live very economically; Ex. skimp on necessities; ADJ. skimpy: inadequate in amount; scanty; stingy; niggardly
pacifysoothe; make calm or quiet; subdue; bring peace to
perfunctorydone routinely and with little care; superficial; not thorough; lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm; Ex. perfunctory kiss
decompositiondecay; V. decompose: decay; break and separate into simple parts
curfewregulation requiring all people to leave the streets at stated times; signal (as a bell) announcing the hour of a curfew