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GRE Word List


pretend; conceal by feigning; dissemble

The meaning of the word dissimulate is pretend; conceal by feigning; dissemble.

Random words

ubiquitousbeing everywhere; omnipresent; N. ubiquity
presumetake for granted; assume; act overconfidently; take liberties; presume on/upon: take unfair advantage of (someone's kindness or connection); N. presumption
cardinalchief; most important; N: priest; cardinal number: number that shows quantity rather thatn order
turpitudedepravity; baseness; Ex. moral turpitude
outgoingsociable; eager to mix socially with others
dripfall or let fall in drops; shed drops; N: action or sound of falling in drops; liquid that falls in drops
mawkishmushy(sentimental) and gushy; icky-sticky sentimental; excessively and objectionably sentimental
draftfirst rough form; conscription; draught; V: make a draft of; conscript
asepticpreventing infection; having a cleansing effect
agendaitems of business at a meeting

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