GRE Word List


shameless boldness : insolence

The meaning of the word effrontery is shameless boldness : insolence.

Random words

aviarya place for keeping birds confined
helma lever or wheel controlling the rudder of a ship for steering
correlateeither of two things so related that one directly implies or is complementary to the other (such as husband and wife)
tendermarked by, responding to, or expressing the softer emotions : fond
circumlocutionthe use of an unnecessarily large number of words to express an idea
refuteto prove wrong by argument or evidence : show to be false or erroneous
falterto walk unsteadily : stumble
insularitycharacteristic of an isolated people
prognosisthe prospect of recovery as anticipated from the usual course of disease or peculiarities of the case
ragamuffina ragged often disreputable person