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GRE Word List


one who studies the skin and its diseases

The meaning of the word dermatologist is one who studies the skin and its diseases.

Random words

obliteratedestroy completely; wipe out; Ex. obliterate the village
rotundityroundness; sonorousness of speech
sterileincapable of producing young; free from microorganism; V. sterilize
cantankerousill-humored; irritable
penitentrepentant; N.
plumagefeathers of a bird;
abetassist usually in doing something wrong; encourage
surfeitsatiate; feed or supply to excess; stuff; indulge to excess in anything; N: surfeiting; excessive amount; Ex. surfeit of food
promoteadvance in rank; advance; help to flourish; advocate; help actively in forming; publicize or popularize; Ex. Milk promotes health; Ex. promote a match/bill; Ex. promote a new product