GRE Word List


lessen in value; belittle; represent as of little value

The meaning of the word depreciate is lessen in value; belittle; represent as of little value.

Random words

awlpointed tool used for piercing
wreakinflict; Ex. wreak one's vengeance on
respirationbreathing; exhalation; ADJ. respiratory
barterertrader; V. barter: trade; exchange good for other goods rather than money
antithesiscontrast; direct opposite of or to; ADJ. antithetic or antithetical
jaundicedyellowed; prejudiced (envious, hostile, or resentful) from long and disappointing experience of human affairs; Ex. with a jaundiced eye
behoovebe suited to; be incumbent upon; be right and necessary; Ex. It behooves one to do.
contestdispute; argue about the rightness of; compete for; try to win; Ex. contest the election results; Ex. contest a seat in Parliament; N.
nettleirritate; annoy; vex; ADJ. nettlesome
forerunnerpredecessor; one that comes before and indicates the approach of another