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GRE Word List


lessen in value; belittle; represent as of little value

The meaning of the word depreciate is lessen in value; belittle; represent as of little value.

Random words

usurylending money at illegal high rates of interest
briskquick and active; marked by liveliness and vigor
aversereluctant; disinclined; not liking or opposed; Ex. averse to cats/doing the house work
shangri-laimaginary remote paradise on earth; CF. Lost Horizon
rococoornate; highly decorated; N. CF. 18th century
atavismresemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents; reversion to an earlier type; throwback; ADJ. atavistic
wrestobtain by pulling violently; pull away; take by violence; Ex. wrest victory from their grasp
enervateweaken; take away energy from
skirmishminor fight; minor battle in war; V.
discriminatedistinguish; make distinctions on the basis of preference

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