GRE Word List


approve formally; confirm; verify

The meaning of the word ratify is approve formally; confirm; verify.

Random words

adulationflattery; admiration that is more than is necessary or deserved
arbitraryunreasonable or capricious; random; tyrannical; Ex. arbitrary ruler
antithesiscontrast; direct opposite of or to; ADJ. antithetic or antithetical
turgidswollen; distended (as from liquid)
conclusivedecisive; ending all debate
soberserious; solemn; not drunken; abstemious or temperate; V: make or become sober
slyclever in deceiving; secretive; not telling one's intentions
perspicacious(of someone) having insight; penetrating; astute
gibemock; make jeering remarks; N: jeering remarks
tintslight degree of color; V: give a tint to