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GRE Word List


riddle; difficult problem

The meaning of the word conundrum is riddle; difficult problem.

Random words

tendentiouspromoting a particular point of view; biased; having an aim; designed to further a cause; Ex. tendentious rather than truth-seeking; CF. tend: move in a certain direction
juntagroup of persons joined in political intrigue; cabal; group of military officers ruling a country after seizing power (by force)
seasonenhance the flavor of by adding a spice, etc.; inure; harden; N. seasoning: something used in seasoning
equanimitycalmness of temperament; composure
devolvedeputize; pass or be passed to others (power, work, or property); Ex. devolve on/upon/to
outrageact of extreme violence or viciousness; resentful anger; V: commit an outrage on; produce anger in; ADJ. outrageous: offensive
appurtenancessubordinate possessions; something added to a more important thing
consanguinitykinship; relationship by birth
adjournsuspend until a later time; move from one place to another
tattertorn piece of cloth; ADJ. tattered: (of clothes) old and torn; (of a person) dressed in old torn clothes