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GRE Word List


hot sweet dish

The meaning of the word pudding is hot sweet dish.

Random words

maverickrebel; nonconformist (in a group)
slurpronounce indistinctly; speak indistinctly; mumble
effulgentshining brightly; brilliant
causticburning; corrosive; able to burn by chemical action; sarcastically biting; (of remarks) intended to hurt; bitter; harmful; OP. harmless
filigreedelicate ornamental lacelike metalwork
inconsistencystate of being self-contradictory; lack of uniformity or steadiness; ADJ. inconsistent: displaying a lack of consistency; erratic; contradictory; incompatible
fruitfulproducing results; profitable; prolific; producing in abundance
extricatefree from an entanglement or difficulty; disentangle