GRE Word List


noisy quarrel

The meaning of the word brawl is noisy quarrel.

Random words

commonplaceordinary; N: something ordinary or common; trite remark
oatmealcrushed oats used for making porridge
migratorywandering; V. migrate: move from one region and settle in another; move periodically from one region to another
compostmixture of decaying organic matter used as fertilizer; V: put or make compost
mercenarymotivated solely by money or gain; N.
chafewarm by rubbing; make sore by rubbing; N.
sleighlarge vehicle drawn by a horse over snow or ice
tureendeep dish for serving soup
amphibianable to live both on land and in water; N.
pursepucker; contract (lips) into wrinkles; N: wallet