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GRE Word List


noisy quarrel

The meaning of the word brawl is noisy quarrel.

Random words

paroxysmfit or attack of pain, laughter, rage; sudden outburst
mauvepale purple
peevishbad-tempered; irritable; V. peeve: make angry
dormantsleeping; temporarily inactive; lethargic; latent
centripetaltending toward the center
litterwaste material thrown away (as bits of paper scattered untidily); V: cover untidily with scattered litter
diemetal block used for shaping metal or plastic; device for stamping or impressing; mold; CF. dice
junkettrip especially one taken for pleasure by an official at public expense
buxomfull-bosomed; plump; jolly
effectiveeffectual; producing a strong response; striking; in operation; in effect; Ex. effective speech/photograph