GRE Word List



The meaning of the word debonair is suave.

Random words

haltingmarked by a lack of sureness or effectiveness
flipto toss so as to cause to turn over in the air
reaperone that reaps
vigilantea member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate)
outcastone that is cast out or refused acceptance (as by society) : pariah
affirmationthe act of affirming
miteany of numerous small acarid arachnids that often infest animals, plants, and stored foods and include important disease vectors
mergerthe absorption of an estate, a contract, or an interest in another, of a minor offense in a greater, or of a cause of action into a judgment
distinctdistinguishable to the eye or mind as being discrete (see discrete
miniaturea copy on a much reduced scale