GRE Word List


stand up against; resist successfully

The meaning of the word withstand is stand up against; resist successfully.

Random words

luridwild; sensational; graphic; gruesome; horrible; Ex. lurid details of the murder
felonperson convicted of a grave crime; CF. felony: serious crime
indentationnotch; deep recess; V. indent; CF. tooth
opportunistindividual who sacrifices principles for expediency by taking advantage of circumstances; N. opportunism
dehydrateremove water from; dry out
blareloud or harsh roar or screech; dazzling blaze of light
incriminateaccuse of or implicate in a crime; serve as evidence against; cause to seem or make guilty of a crime; Ex. incriminating evidence
ignitekindle; light; catch fire or set fire to
inimitablematchless; not able to be imitated
epitomeperfect example or embodiment; brief summary; Ex. epitome of good manners; V. epitomize: make an epitome of; be an epitome of; embody