GRE Word List


a deserved rebuke or penalty : deserts

The meaning of the word comeuppance is a deserved rebuke or penalty : deserts.

Random words

patinaa usually green film formed naturally on copper and bronze by long exposure or artificially (as by acids) and often valued aesthetically for its color
timbrethe quality given to a sound by its overtones: such as
swerveto turn aside abruptly from a straight line or course : deviate
incipientbeginning to come into being or to become apparent
egressa place or means of going out : exit
extenuateto lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of (something, such as a fault or offense) by making partial excuses : mitigate
dysenterya disease characterized by severe diarrhea with passage of mucus and blood and usually caused by infection
worldlyof, relating to, or devoted to this world and its pursuits rather than to religion or spiritual affairs
invalidateto make invalid
contentiona point advanced or maintained in a debate or argument