GRE Word List


deserts; well-deserved punishment or misfortune; rebuke

Repercussion: IELTS Vocabulary
Repercussion: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word comeuppance is deserts; well-deserved punishment or misfortune; rebuke.

Random words

feral(of an animal) not domestic; wild
tactfulcareful no to cause offence; OP. tactless
commonplaceordinary; N: something ordinary or common; trite remark
impeldrive or force onward; drive to take action; urge to action
diminutionlessening; reduction in size; V. diminish
crossbreedhybridize; N: hybrid; CF. interbreed; CF. inbreed
adeptexpert at; very skilled
graze(of an animal) feed on growing grass; cause (an animal) to feed on grass; scrape (esp. the skin) or touch lightly in passing; brush; Ex. We can't graze the cattle till summer; N: surface wound
confidenceself-assurance; calm unworried feeling based on a strong belief in one's abilities; strong belief in the ability of a person or plan; trust or faith in a person or thing; something confided; secret; Ex. confidence in your ability; Ex. I'm telling you this in confidence; Ex. exchange confidences about their boyfriends; ADJ. confident
woefulsad; (of something bad) deplorable; deplorably bad; Ex. woeful housing conditions