GRE Word List


handyman; person who does all kinds of work; CF. do everything

The meaning of the word factotum is handyman; person who does all kinds of work; CF. do everything.

Random words

manipulateoperate with one's hands; control or play upon (people, forces, etc.) artfully; maneuver; Ex. how to manipulate publicity and men; ADJ. manipulative
browbeatbully; intimidate
mendaciouslying; habitually dishonest; N. mendacity
precinctdivision of a city for election or police purposes; precincts: space that surrounds a building; Ex. precincts of the college
mortifyhumiliate by embarassing excessively; shame; punish the flesh; discipline (one's body) by self-denial; Ex. mortified by her blunder; Ex. mortify the flesh; CF. cause to die
bidcommand; utter (a greeting); offer as a price; N: offer of a price; amount offered; earnest effort to gain something; Ex. bid for freedom
rejuvenatemake young again
fundamentalbasic; primary; essential
sparsenot thick; thinly scattered; scanty
dishonordisgrace; N. ADJ. dishonorable