GRE Word List


swindle; cheat

The meaning of the word bilk is swindle; cheat.

Random words

transitiongoing from one state of action to another
waifhomeless child or animal; Ex. waifs and strays
equityfairness; justice; OP. inequity
documentprovide written evidence (for a claim); record with documents; N.
significantexpressing a meaning; important; Ex. significant smile; N. significance: importance; meaning; V. signify: denote; mean; signal; make known; matter; be significant
prolonglengthen; extend; draw out
verisimilarhaving the appearance of truth or reality; probable or likely to be true; plausible
stygianunpleasantly dark; gloomy; hellish; deathly; CF. Styx: the chief river in the subterranean land of the dead
direwarning of disaster; disastrous; (of needs and dangers) very great; urgent; Ex. dire prediction/need of food
glazecover with a thin and shiny surface; apply a glaze to; N: thin, smooth, shiny coating (as for pottery); Ex. unglazed pottery