GRE Word List


downward slope

The meaning of the word declivity is downward slope.

Random words

predatorpredatory animal or bird; predatory person; creature that seizes and devours another animal; person who robs or exploits others; ADJ. predatory: living by preying on other organisms; plundering; N. predation
pedagogueteacher; CF. child leader
frondfern leaf; palm or banana leaf
ransacksearch thoroughly; pillage (going through a place); Ex. Enemy soldiers ransacked the town.
smartintelligent; quick and energetic; fashionable; Ex. smart pace/restaurant; V: cause or feel a sharp pain; N: smarting pain
substantialof substance; material; solid; essential or fundamental; ample; considerable; well-to-do; wealthy
hubrisarrogance; excessive self-conceit
corporealbodily (rather than spiritual); of a bodily form; material; tangible
splicejoin together end to end to make one continuous length; fasten together; unite; Ex. splice two strips of tape; N.
vintnerwine merchant; winemaker; seller of wine