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GRE Word List


endanger; imperil; put at risk; N. jeopardy: danger

The meaning of the word jeopardize is endanger; imperil; put at risk; N. jeopardy: danger.

Random words

entrepreneurbusinessperson (who assumes the risk of a business venture); contractor; ADJ. entrepreneurial
calculateddeliberately planned; likely
regicidemurder of a king or queen
dogmaticopinionated; holding stubbornly to one's opinion; arbitrary; doctrinal
exactingextremely demanding; Ex. exacting standard of safety
supplicatepetition humbly; pray to grant a favor
pariahsocial outcast; Ex. Mariah the pariah
palatialof or suitable for a palace; magnificent
goadurge on; drive with a goad; cause (someone) to do something by continued annoyance; Ex. They goaded him into doing it by saying he was a coward; N: sharp-pointed stick for driving cattle; stimulus; CF. annoy continually
benevolentgenerous; charitable; having a wish to do good