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GRE Word List


call together; Ex. convoke Parliament; N. convocation

The meaning of the word convoke is call together; Ex. convoke Parliament; N. convocation.

Random words

clamorloud continous noise; continuous demand or complaint made by a large number of people; V: make a clamor; express (a demand) continually and loudly; ADJ. clamorous
discriminatingable to see differences; discerning; prejudiced; N. discrimination
refectorydining hall; room where meals are served (in a school)
elicitdraw out fact or information (by discussion or from someone)
laptake in food or drink with one's tongue; splash gently; Ex. waves lapping the shore; N: front area from the waist to the knees of a seated person
troughlong narrow container for feeding farm animals; lowest point (of a wave, business cycle, etc.); long narrow depression as between waves
lunarpertaining to the moon
gluttonsomeone who eats too much; ADJ. gluttonous: given to gluttony; greedy; CF. gluttony: habit of eating too much
ingrateungrateful person (not expressing thanks)