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GRE Word List


dominance especially of one nation over others

The meaning of the word hegemony is dominance especially of one nation over others.

Random words

irresoluteuncertain how to act; weak; lacking in resolution; indecisive; N. irresolution
rotundityroundness; sonorousness of speech
flirtbehave in a way that attracts (sexual) attention; deal triflingly with; N: one (or woman) given to flirting; ADJ. flirtatious
defiancerefusal to yield; resistance; V. defy; ADJ. defiant
prefigurebe a sign of; foreshadow
whimsywhim; tendency to behave amusingly strangely; Ex. story full of whimsy
tediumboredom; weariness; ADJ. tedious
palletsmall poor bed; Ex. straw pallet
connoisseurperson competent to act as a judge of art, etc. (whose judgments are respected); a lover of an art
monographscholarly article

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