GRE Word List


striker (tongue) of a bell

The meaning of the word clapper is striker (tongue) of a bell.

Random words

judicioussound on judgment; wise
retinuefollowing; attendants
skiffsmall light sailboat or rowboat
disparitydifference; condition of inequality; OP. parity
quashcrush; suppress; squash; subdue; annul; Ex. quash a rebellion/the decision of the low court
bookishfond of books and reading
unrequitednot requited; not reciprocated; Ex. unrequited love
eddyswirling current of water, air, etc.; V.
persistcontinue in existence; last; continue in a course of action in spite of opposition; Ex. persist in/with something; ADJ. persistent
parecut away the outer covering or skin of (with a knife); trim; Ex. pare apples/expenses