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GRE Word List


very important; N. moment; CF. momentary

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word momentous is very important; N. moment; CF. momentary.

Random words

outmodedno longer in fashion or use; no longer stylish; old-fashioned
humanemarked by kindness or consideration; kind and compassionate; humanitarian
pithyconcise and meaningful; substantial; meaty
panacheflair; manner of doing things without any difficulty (causing admiration); flamboyance; bunch of feathers (on a helmet); Ex. with great panache; CF. ÀÜ ¾Æ·¡·Î õÀ» »©³»´Â ¼Ø¾¾
quarrydig into (to get stone); N: mine; ä¼®Àå
misogamyhatred of marriage
unfrockdefrock; strip a priest or minister of church authority
subdueless intense; quieter; Ex. subdued lighting; Ex. subdue: conquer; make less intense; quiet; Ex. subdue one's anger