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GRE Word List


strenuous work; toil; painful labor; labor of childbirth

The meaning of the word travail is strenuous work; toil; painful labor; labor of childbirth.

Random words

delineateportray; depict; sketch; describe; N. delineation
turbid(of a liquid) having the sediment disturbed; muddy; thick
precinctdivision of a city for election or police purposes; precincts: space that surrounds a building; Ex. precincts of the college
padrechaplain (in the armed forces)
centripetaltending toward the center
interimmeantime; Ex. in the interim; ADJ. taking place during an interim; Ex. interim paper
furtivestealthy; quiet and secret (trying to escape notice); sneaky; Ex. furtive glance
insolenceimpudent disrespect; haughtiness; ADJ. insolent; CF. haughty + rude
importunebeg persistently; make repeated requests (in an annoying way)
forbearancepatience; forgiveness; V. forbear: refrain from (in a generous and forgiving way); be patient; Ex. forbear to send him to prison