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GRE Word List


person with an insane desire to set things on fire

The meaning of the word pyromaniac is person with an insane desire to set things on fire.

Random words

anviliron block used in hammering out metals
penumbrapartial shadow (in an eclipse); CF. almost shadow
duplicitydouble-dealing; hypocrisy; being dishonest and deceitful; ADJ. duplicitous
deliriummental disorder marked by confusion; uncontrolled excitement; ADJ. delirious
vintnerwine merchant; winemaker; seller of wine
hailfrozen rain drop; V: salute or greet; precipitate hail
exhalebreathe out; OP. inhale
abetassist usually in doing something wrong; encourage
pedanticbookish; showing off learning; marked by an excessive ostentatious concern for book learning; N. pedantry
humorindulge; comply with the wishes of; N. quality that makes something amusing; state of mind; mood; Ex. in a bad humor; Ex. out of humor