GRE Word List


the liturgy of the Eucharist (see eucharist

The meaning of the word mass is the liturgy of the Eucharist (see eucharist.

Random words

meteto give out by measure : dole out
salaciousarousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination
bereavedsuffering the death of a loved one
polygamistmarriage in which a spouse of either sex may have more than one mate at the same time compare polyandry
supernumeraryexceeding the usual, stated, or prescribed number
languorweakness or weariness of body or mind
addenduma thing added : addition
compliancethe act or process of complying to a desire, demand, proposal, or regimen or to coercion
hoodwinkto deceive by false appearance : dupe
tillerone that tills : cultivator