GRE Word List


rate of occurrence or influence

The meaning of the word incidence is rate of occurrence or influence.

Random words

stratifiedformed, deposited, or arranged in stable layers or strata
glowto shine with or as if with an intense heat
pillorya device formerly used for publicly punishing offenders consisting of a wooden frame with holes in which the head and hands can be locked
obtusenot pointed or acute : blunt
sequesterto set apart : segregate
stoica member of a school of philosophy founded by Zeno of Citium about 300 b.c.
tundraa level or rolling treeless plain that is characteristic of arctic and subarctic regions, consists of black mucky soil with a permanently frozen subsoil, and has a dominant vegetation of mosses, lichens, herbs, and dwarf shrubs
burnishto make shiny or lustrous especially by rubbing
bedraggleto wet thoroughly