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GRE Word List


muscular; having well-developed muscles

The meaning of the word brawny is muscular; having well-developed muscles.

Random words

pettytrivial; unimportant; very small; small-minded; petty-minded
wiltloose freshness; droop
cholerichot-tempered; bad-tempered; irritable; easily angered; CF. cholera
coteriegroup that meets socially; select circle; close group of people with shared interests
mealymouthedindirect in speech (when something unpleasant must be said); hypocritical; evasive
sarcasmcutting ironic remark; scornful remarks; stinging rebuke; ADJ. sarcastic
solemnityseriousness; gravity
presentimentpremonition; foreboding; feeling something will happen; anticipatory fear
filthdirty matter; ADJ. filthy
equivocal(of words or statements) ambiguous; intentionally misleading; (of behavior) questionable; OP. unequivocal