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GRE Word List


yielding to another; ceding

The meaning of the word cession is yielding to another; ceding.

Random words

oglelook at amorously; make eyes at; Ex. old men ogling young girls
proclivityinclination; natural tendency (esp. towards something bad)
rivetmetal pin used for fastening metal plates together; V: fasten with a rivet; engross
corrodedestroy or wear away gradually by chemical action (over a long period)
spanglesmall shiny metallic piece sewn to clothing for ornamentation
badinageteasing conversation; banter; joking talk
kenrange of knowledge; Ex. beyond one's ken
retentiveholding; able to retain things (esp. facts in the mind); having a good memory
partitiondivide into parts
gistessence; main point; substance