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GRE Word List


yielding to another; ceding

The meaning of the word cession is yielding to another; ceding.

Random words

pancriticize harshly
debauchcorrupt morally; seduce from virtue; N. debauchery: wild behavior (with sex and alcohol)
chaperonolder person who accompanies and supervises a young unmarried woman
alimonypayments made regularly to an ex-spouse after divorce
expletivemeaningless word; interjection; profane oath; swear-word
laggardslow; sluggish; N: one who lags; straggler
expurgateclean; remove offensive parts of a book
genealogyrecord of descent; lineage; ancestry; study of ancestry
expeditehasten; make go faster
nostrumquestionable medicine; quack medicine; CF. our (remedy)