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GRE Word List


stop motion; curb or restrain

The meaning of the word check is stop motion; curb or restrain.

Random words

capitulatesurrender; give up all resistance
antagonismhostility; active opposition; V. antagonize: cause to become an enemy; N. antagonist: person who is opposed to another; opponent; adversary; principal character in oppostion to the protagonist
benignkindly; favorable; not malignant (disease); Ex. benign tumor
debauchcorrupt morally; seduce from virtue; N. debauchery: wild behavior (with sex and alcohol)
institutionalizemake into an institution; put or confine in an institution
cannyshrewd in money matters; thrifty
fortuitousaccidental; by chance; N. fortuity
pinelong for; yearn; languish from longing or grief; decline
vassalin feudalism, one who held land of a superior lord; subordinate or dependent
artisana manually skilled worker