GRE Word List


stop motion; curb or restrain

The meaning of the word check is stop motion; curb or restrain.

Random words

respirationbreathing; exhalation; ADJ. respiratory
paltryinsignificant; petty; trifling; contemptible; Ex. paltry sum; CF. trash
submissivewilling to obey orders; yielding; timid
dissidentdissenting (with an opinion, a group, or a government); rebellious; N.
procrastinatepostpone; delay or put off
addlemake or become confused; muddle; drive crazy; become rotten (egg)
gaucheclumsy (in social behavior); coarse and uncouth
voraciousravenous; eating large quantities of food; exceedingly eager; insatiable; Ex. voracious animal/reader
alluvialpertaining to soil deposits left by running water
acumenmental keenness; sharpness of judgment; ability to judge quickly and well; Ex. business acumen