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GRE Word List


spot; blot; CF. blot+botch

The meaning of the word blotch is spot; blot; CF. blot+botch.

Random words

umbrageresentment; anger; sense of injury or insult; Ex. take umbrage at his rudeness
gravityseriousness; ADJ. grave
extirpateroot up; uproot; destroy completely
epitaphinscription in memory of a dead person (as on a tombstone)
squashcrush; quash; suppress
malignanttending to cause death; highly injurious; aggressively malevolent; Ex. malignant tumor
equineresembling a horse; Ex. equine face
conduitaqueduct; passageway for fluids
bereavementstate of being deprived of something valuable or beloved; state of being bereaved or bereft
cataclysmdeluge; upheaval; earthquake; violent and sudden event or change

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