GRE Word List


to mark or mar with blotches

The meaning of the word blotch is to mark or mar with blotches.

Random words

penurya cramping and oppressive lack of resources (such as money)
effectuateto cause or bring about (something) : to put (something) into effect or operation : effect
sextantan instrument for measuring angular distances used especially in navigation to observe altitudes of celestial bodies (as in ascertaining latitude and longitude)
marginalwritten or printed in the margin of a page or sheet
quadrupedan animal having four feet
hindrancethe state of being interfered with, held back, or slowed down : the state of being hindered
dribbleto issue sporadically and in small bits
complementaryserving to fill out or complete
haplesshaving no luck : unfortunate
outstripto go faster or farther than