GRE Word List


childish; immature; CF. puer: boy

The meaning of the word puerile is childish; immature; CF. puer: boy.

Random words

spectrumcolored band produced when a beam of light passes through a prism; broad and continuous range; Ex. whole spectrum of modern thoughts
filthdirty matter; ADJ. filthy
incisive(appreciatively) cutting; sharp; Ex. incisive remarks; V. incise: make a cut into
browbeatbully; intimidate
bridleharness fitted about a horse's head (used to restrain); curb; check; V: put a bridle on; control or restrain; show anger
brittlehard but easily broken; difficult; unstable; Ex. brittle situation
hermitagehome of a hermit
defiancerefusal to yield; resistance; V. defy; ADJ. defiant
exhumedig out of the ground; remove from a grave
rationfixed portion; V: distribute as rations