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GRE Word List


of or like an uncle

The meaning of the word avuncular is of or like an uncle.

Random words

relentbecome less severe; give in(surrender); ADJ. relentless: unyielding; continuously severe
propellantsubstance which propels or drives forward (such as an explosive charge or a rocket fuel)
mordantbiting; sarcastic; stinging; (apprec.) incisive; cutting; Ex. mordant pen/wit
falsifymake (something written) false by changing
dormerwindow projecting upright from roof; CF. sleeping room
exodusdeparture (of a large number of people)
outlandishbizzare; peculiar; unconventional
subornpersuade to act unlawfully (especially to commit perjury); N. subornation
whinnyneigh like a horse; CF. neigh: make the sound which horses make
zanycomic; crazy; N: clown; comical person (given to outlandish behavior)